Strategic and Operational Leadership Training

Ethio Impact Consulting Plc conducted a two-day training on “Strategic and Operational Leadership” for Abyssinia Bank staff at the Inter Luxury Hotel. The sessions, held from January 22 to January 23, 2024, focused on equipping participants with the skills needed for effective leadership in strategic planning and day-to-day operations. Topics covered included Building a high performance team, communication, team collaboration, and Empowering Vs Delegating Workers. The interactive training, tailored to Abyssinia Bank’s needs, aims to enhance the professional capabilities of its staff and contribute to the bank’s overall success.

 On the first day of the training program, the Abyssinia Bank representative delivered an opening speech providing insights and context regarding the objectives and significance of the training sessions.After that the training delved into strategic Thinking Skills, Leadership Skills and Techniques, and Understanding Emotional Intelligence. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, Assessments, and practical exercises to deepen their understanding of strategic leadership principles. The day concluded with a networking session, providing an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and experiences.



On the second day, Topics include Mentoring and coaching, Problem-Solving skills, Communication skills, and People Management Skills. The training methodology encouraged active participation, ensuring that participants could apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.

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