Our Services

Ethio Impact offers its customers/clients professional, data-backed, and real-time advice and support. Its specialized services include:

Compliance with labor law and other legislation

We review and build your HR manuals and employment contracts to ensure they are up to date and comply with labor law and other legislation. Your staff will benefit from having well-written instructions and employment contracts. You, as the employer, will benefit from having clear terms and conditions of employment.

We bridge organizational gaps by reviewing practices, and processes.  We provide solutions by developing tools and techniques.

Organizational management

We support the designing of organizational structures, and organizational design and develop competency frames and job evaluation and grading systems.

Human Resource Planning & Resourcing

We advise leadership in Human resource planning by foreseeing human resource requirements and the supply of human resources. We also support you in the designing of sourcing strategies, recruitment and selections, and provide executive search and placement services.

Benefits and compensation structuring & execution:

We support your organization in designing pay & benefits structure, retention strategies, and with benefit and payroll management.

Performance Appraisals

We can introduce the concept of a systematic performance appraisal system to your organization. Our experience proves that the reward of executing this properly are valuable.
The process for reviewing employees’ performance and developing customized professional development plans will be clear to all employees.

Training and development

We believe that skilled labor is crucial to an organization’s success, because employees develop the necessary skills and abilities over time, we are devoted to offering training in areas such as soft skills, performance management, work ethics, employability skills, labor legislation and management development.


We refer to our customers as our partners, who are business owners, NGOs, and factories/ industries.


We have HR, marketing, finance, and IT professionals on hand to support the delivery of our services.