Tender officer

December 18, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Tender Section Head, prepares all the necessary documents according to tender documents and follow up the result.

Duties and responsibilities

  •  Has to have a thorough knowledge of the products to be sold as well as the availability and price.
  • Reading news papers (Addis Zemen, Ethiopian Herald and others) thoroughly and pointing out tender notices relating to the company’s field and makes copy of the needed notice.
  • Requesting cash for purchasing and buying tender documents.
  •  Forwarding the receipts of the tender documents for approval before sending it to cashier/Finance.
  •  Reading the tender document thoroughly and recommending items and recording deadline & location.
  • Preparing Proforma Invoices according to the specifications if decided that we are going to participate. First and for most to check the availability of stock and then feeds the right details and code/s of the item/s that are offered to customers within the unit. Feedback of customers shall be communicated to the Tender Section Head.
  • Preparing a CPO/Bank Guarantee Preparation Request Form according to the tender document and have it approved for the TT slip to be prepared by finance department after approval of designated officials.
  • Going to banks to collect CPO/Bank Guarantee.
  • Properly inserting and sealing finished tender documents according to the instructions in the tender document.
  •  Delivering sealed tender documents to the right location and at the right time.
  • Writing letter of recommendation for canceling and tenders and pass it to the Tender Section Head/ Marketing Manager for confirming cancellation. Tenders are confirmed cancelled if finally signed by SDGM or GM.
  •  Attending tender opening events and recording properly and correctly and reports findings to the Tender Section Head about findings.
  • Giving detailed information on items offered for tender committees during their visit.
  • Receiving/ recoding tender award letters/ purchase orders and forwarding to the Tender Section Head/ Marketing Manager before proceeding.
  • Checking color and quantity availability of stock for awarded items before issuing an invoice.
  • Prepares a 10% Performance bond for the total awarded items in the specified form (CPO or Bank Guarantee).
  • Thoroughly checking and reading contracts and communicate customers if there is any statement to be corrected and if it is ok, putting initials on each page of the contract.
  • Issuing Preparation Sips and get it checked by the Tender Section Head before passing it to the Technical Section and Stores Division. The preparation slip will be prepared in copies to notify the Store Section and Technical Section for an early preparation until the contract is signed and an invoice is issued.
  • Preparing credit approval request and after it is approved issuing Credit Invoices after a contract is signed by both parties and confirming delivery schedule for timely deliveries of the goods and services to the intended customer.
  • With regards to invoicing, feeding the right details and code/s of the item/s sold, Customer Name and Tax Identification Number (TIN), if applicable. If TIN is not available, then the customer has to formally write a letter confirming non existence of TIN.
  • All invoices and slips need to be filed keeping its sequential order along with their attachments if applicable.
  • Arranges and follows up on delivery and appointments given to customers after Thoroughly checking on products readiness for delivery.
  • Assisting the Tender Section Head in the payment collection and CPO return processes.
  • Ensures all documents in hand are in safe place.
  • Performs other related duties requested by superiors and/ or higher officials.

Job Requirements

  •  BA in Marketing or Management
  •   0-2 years experience in a related fields

How to Apply

Submit your CV using Only this link