December 18, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Finance manager establishes, operates, motivates and periodically summarizes the extent of the financial operations and performance of the company handles all accounting transactions i.e. timely recording summarizing and reporting in the form of regular financial reports for the proper and timely utilization by the top management.

Duties and responsibilities

  •  In consultation with Top Monument execute and lay down management policies, hire, promote, transfer, suspend and lay off employee or take disciplinary measure against employee.
  •  Supervises, directs and controls the accounting staff for the proper application of accounting policies and procedures and ensures the proper implementation and adherence to such policies and procedures.
  •  Checks correctness of cheques, payment vouchers and all journal vouchers with relevant attachments including accounts coding before approval.
  • Directs and controls cheque collection, deposits and disbursements, also verification of bank reconciliation and statements.
  • Prepares monthly draft financial statements and reports.
  •  Checks and verifies that daily cash and cheque payments are authentic and duly approved before payments are effected.
  • Checks & verifies that daily authorized cash & cheque payments are effected properly.
  • Follow up the proper handling and recording of Fixed asset.
  • Controls and coordinates the activities of annual inventory for cash, stock and fixed assets.
  • Check and verify the correctness of Petty Cash Payment vouchers accounts coding and authorization.
  • Ensures that daily sales and collections are duly checked and deposited to the appropriate bank account.
  • Checks & verifies the accuracy of payroll.
  • Follow up that Tax and Insurance payments and collection are handled on time.
  •  Prepares monthly, quarterly and annual statements needed to show the correct financial position of the company’s operation.
  • Supervises the accounting staff and all accounting functions to ensure that an account recording is complete, correct and up-to-date at all times.
  • Supervises and controls accounting activities and make adjustments of irregularities and variations.
  • Provides professional advice to superiors and subordinates.
  • Provide assistance for internal & external auditors.
  • Ascertains the provision of orientation to new recruits and subordinates.
  • Coordinates, executes and controls the proper and timely handling of government taxes, collection and disbursements of rental and other matters as delegated.
  • Prepare & submit employee performance evaluation reports with recommendations for improvement.
  • Check all financial transaction and post them to their appropriate ledgers.
  • Check and Follow up the correctness of main cash ledger daily.
  • Check the correctness of the price of invoiced products.
  • Assist and provide the necessary information for the implementation of the newly introduced Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) internally and for the Consultant.
  • Follow up the timely Renewals of bank overdraft, Insurance, and tender clearance, Cash register machine annual inspection and others as required.
  •  Performs other related duties as required.

Job Requirements

  • BA  in accounting, accounting and finance
  • 7  Years in BA Years.
  • Knowledge of Peachtree Accounting.

How to Apply

Submit your CV using Only this link