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Job Description

Ethio Impact Consulting Plc is looking for a Finance Officer on behalf of our NGO client.
The Finance Officer is responsible with all tasks as required in the finance department; this may include but is not limited to: Preparing financial statements, stock control, fixed asset control and valuation, maintains cash
controls, managing petty cash, preparing the payroll administration and submit for a review and approval of the Country Representative or HQ with maximum due care and the sheet is protected confidentially, maintaining account payable.
The Finance Officer is responsible to ensure that interoffice payments and their corresponding records are done and reconciled correctly and timely, audit works are well facilitated within the time frame agreed.


  • Prepare reports. This includes monthly reporting, reconciliations, and other supporting documents for the management and the HFC- HQ.
  • Assist with annual and quarterly budgeting processes.
  • Assist with updates and implementation of internal Financial Policies and Procedures in accordance with official regulations.
  • Maintain and reconcile the general Ledger, ensuring every transaction is properly recorded and balance sheet correctly reconcile monthly.
  • Prepare the cash forecast and submit it to HQ.
  • Prepare the monthly stock balance.
  • Preparation of Price Quotations and Preparing Purchase Order Matching with the budget availabilities Purchase requests.
  • Control and Evaluate Purchase Documents in accordance with the Purchase Request & Purchase Order before the payment is affected.
  • Insure the goods received are in accordance with the Purchase Order, Authorize the Stock issue Vouchers & Ensure appropriate Bin card and Stock card is maintained.
  • Maintain the accounts Payable and account receivable system in order to ensure complete and accurate records of all the budgets by ensuring the safeguarding of all funds, Reconciling the account payable, preparing journal summaries, Reconciling the account receivable, Compiling Source and supporting documents, Issue receipts and others as deemed necessary.
  • Keep employee records in order to ensure accurate payment of benefits and allowance.
  • Administer the monthly payroll in order to ensure that employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Settles Government obligations as per the time schedule for each payment to avoid financial penalties and maintain good working relationship with the organizations. Such payments include but not limited to income taxes, pension scheme contributions, withholding taxes and VAT declaration.
  • Facilitates cash transfer timely not to disrupt the operations due to the delay of cash transfer without acceptable reasons.
  • Prepare petty cash replenishment along with its supporting documents.
  • Records financial data into the system timely and accurately using the correct account lines with adequate supporting documents
  • File sequentially and level the box files of the financial documents holding to facilitate traceability and follow up the returning of any specific document taken out from its box file for any reason.
  • Maintains separate box file for pending payments and make close follow up for their full settlement.
  • Maintains medical fund balance follow up ledger by each staff and update the balance for every transaction/payment as instructed by HR officer
  • Ensure completeness and safety of all documents related to your position.
  • Ensure completeness and safety of all documents related to your position.
  • Performing any other additional duty directly ordered by HQ.
  • Ensures consistent application of HFC-Aus policies and procedures
  • Work closely with HR and Accounts officer
  • Set and follow up the implementation of the IAP’s of set for the fiscal year.


  • BA Degree in Accounting
  • 5 to 8 years of accounting experience, experience within NGO sector is preferred but not essential.
  • Good communication skills
  • Good knowledge of influencing others.
  • Good report writing skill
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Decision making skills

How To Apply

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