Restaurant Supervisor

April 1, 2024
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Ethio Impact Consulting plc is looking for Restaurant Supervisor on behalf of our client.
We are looking for a skilled Restaurant Supervisor who will oversee the daily operations of our restaurant. In
this role, you will be responsible for managing staff, ensuring customer satisfaction, and maintaining high quality food and service standards. You should have excellent communication skills, be able to work well under
pressure, and have a passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences.


  • Handling customer inquiries, complaints and queries in a professional manner;
  • Greet all clients with strong customer service and communications skills;
  • Plan, implement and manage overall Restaurant daily operations;
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and safe reception area; keeping it tidy at all times;
  • Monitor employee performance and conduct regular evaluations to help improve customer service;
  •  Ensure clients are well informed about our service and respective fees;
  •  Resolve issues regarding Restaurant services, amenities, and policies
  •  Ensure the daily sales amount is reconciled against the sales summary;
  • Trained new hires during orientation on hospitality, guest relations, policy, acceptable service and procedures;
  • Provide exceptional customer service and lead staff to do the same
  • Develop strategies for improving our customers’ dining experience
  •  Respond to customer complaints quickly and resolve them effectively
  • Work with staff to project future needs for kitchen supplies, goods, and cleaning products.
  •  Maintain inventory of all needed supplies
  •  Perform other related duties


  • 1 year experience for Degree and 3 years experience for Diploma
  •  Degree or Diploma in hotel management or related field
  •  Has excellent organizational and commendation skills
  •  Ability to understand the needs of a client/visitor
  •  Self-motivated and sales oriented;
  •  Experience with several Restaurant operation systems
  •  Ability to manage stressful situations.
  •  Creative problem solver

How To Apply

Submit your CV using Only this link