About Candidate



Information Technology 2015 e.c
Samara university

Dear Mr./Ms. With reference to your vacancy announcement, I have honor to apply the post in the position of under writer. I feel confident that to possess the required qualification and down the following facts for your kind consideration. As I have mentioned it on the CV, I have BSc on Information Technology with achievement of CGPA 2.76 and I have scored 59% of National Exit Examination. I had here to work ethically and effectively interact with people across all level of the organization based on its interest. Additionally, I’m self-motivated, diligent, flexible and proactive to the dynamics changing of the glob that makes me a prime candidate for the position. I will be valuable asset to your company and will use this opportunity and further the development of my knowledge and skills. I hope that on consideration of my CV, you will be convinced of my potential to perform well and to make a real contribution as per your company interest