Melkamu Bersissa

Influencing (Advocacy and Communication) Specialist
October 10, 1980

About Candidate



Degree - English Language 2003
Haramaya University

Work & Experience

Influencing (Communications and Advocacy) Specialist 12/14/2020 - 12/13/2024
Plan International Ethiopia

▪ Manage and conduct policy and political analysis in development and humanitarian context ▪ Coordinate the delivery of internal and external policy and advocacy briefings and materials ▪ Advise and design a country influencing strategy and step by a step implementation plan ▪ Develop key influencing/advocacy messages, defining effective tactics and leveraging the influencing strength to mobilize support for desired change. ▪ Manage and engage with the government and relevant stakeholders, networks, power institutions and movements to contribute to long term goals and objectives ▪ Identify and communicate on strategic engagement to relevant staff that position and promote organizational influencing agenda in the country. ▪ Advise communications focal to identify and utilize influencing opportunities at field level. ▪ Manage government and relevant stakeholder contacts and relationships ▪ Develop updates on current events which are of interest to the organization strategic focus. ▪ Identify processes, events, institutions for campaign activity and partnerships. ▪ Coordinate consultations and events with wide range of stakeholders including the government ▪ Coordinate youth-led programmes and initiatives that engage children and young people to influencing change ▪ Advise policy and political analysis in humanitarian contexts and develop relevant policy messaging ▪ Demonstrate the ability to solve problems and seek for solutions, think strategically while recommending innovative ideas as required to meet the demands of a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable operating environment ▪ Manage media, youth-led groups, government counterparts, donors, local and national civil society Organizations implementing partners and other development organizations. ▪ Advise Program Units, Departments, Thematic areas, CMT and other staff.

Regional Knowledge Management Coordinator 08/17/2018 - 12/13/2020
World Vision Ethiopia

▪ Design, management and implementation of the organization’s Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy ▪ Utilize Knowledge & Information Management processes and Knowledge Assets to help achieve project objectives ▪ Initiate knowledge and information sharing with relevant key stakeholders at appropriate times ▪ Coordinate programs/Projects Design and Planning, transition process, and share results ▪ Develop and maintain libraries/databases of marketing and training materials, project information, success stories, PPTs and other knowledge management and communications materials ▪ Lead information sharing groups such as Communities of Practice or other peer groups that actively share new resources and learning updates around a particular topic. ▪ Comply with information management standards and guidelines and document management policies ▪ Conduct assessment on development needs, identify opportunities for project proposals writing that align with WV’s development guidelines and technical programs, and ensure submission for resource mobilization ▪ Review the national and regional government priorities and create understanding among field staffs on the same and concerned departments, and ensure APs’ annual plans are in accord ▪ Work across all components and partners to support communication and marketing production needs for events, activities, meetings and other informational needs ▪ Manage collection, organization, and quality control of knowledge management materials and content for communications/marketing purposes ▪ Oversees and guides CPOs and APs on programmes executions focusing on identified models both for grants and regular funding.

Community engagement and communication officer 04/30/2010 - 08/16/2018
World Vision Ethiopia

▪ Coordinate sponsorship communications in integration with technical project officers by handling the allocated RC and program activities at fields ▪ Manage and develop a communication plans along with implementing sponsorship 2.0 initiatives in the APs. ▪ Organize communications for development (C4D) initiatives and conduct capacity building trainings on sponsorship activities, new initiatives, positive parenting and child development for front line staff and volunteers, and organize and engage local communities and partners in sponsorship business activities and monitor its implementation ▪ Manage and coordinate RC Management, Sponsorship Performances (SOIs, CMS and other GNOD Issues, etc.), data reconciliation and system upgrades, system functionality, RC/family support and participations using various tools, and analyze and share the reports with all concerned for timely action ▪ Monitor child well-being (CWB) cases (education, health/nutrition and protection, etc.), annualize with AP team and take action engaging all responsible stakeholders ▪ Coordinate sponsorship additional funds like Birthday Bounce Back/birthday gifts, gift kits and GNs aligned with the standards and the organization’s development approaches ▪ Coordinate and take part in timely management of AP transitions related activities like Project Closure Comment/report, Fare-well Letters and video, and RC drops as per the SOs guidance ▪ Manage Sponsorship Audit and other accountability review processes at AP and handle the implementation of audit recommendations to ensure that the identified gaps are addressed in timely manner.

English Language Instructor and College Dean 30/12/2003 - 30/04/2010
Dandi Boru University College

Coordination of different researches that can advance the development of the college ▪ Design and organize course breakdowns for the summer and distance education programs ▪ Facilitate harmonious relationships with the government on curriculum and design ▪ Popularize the college through different local advocacy strategies ▪ Coordinate and organize graduation ceremonies ▪ Prepare, organize and handle different speeches during graduation and meetings at different levels ▪ Coordination and management of the college’s staff team and services ▪ Coordination and management of teaching learning processes ▪ Coordination and management of human power, infrastructures/resources and students. ▪ Coordination and managements of different agreements with the government and other bodies/privates ▪ Manage workshops, seminars and meetings ▪ Coordinate and participate in Ethiopian education curriculum development ▪ Conduct and coordinate local advocacy and campaign on education quality ▪ Engage and coordinate community groups and college committees ▪ Prepare English Course Modules for different departments (TTI, TTC-Language, Law, Accounting, Nurse, etc) ▪ Teach English language skills and items( reading, writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabularies) for TTI and TTC students ▪ Organization of Language department for club mobilization ▪ Organization and facilitation of English Days ▪ Organization and management of English Clubs ▪ Manage and organize special ceremonies in the University College



Strategic Communications
Knowledge Management
Translation and editing
Advocacy and campaigng


Knowledge Management Managers Crtification 2019
Completion of the course by American KM Institute