Lema Jambo Kebede

April 8, 1998

About Candidate



Computer Science 2023
Ambo University

Computer science is a dynamic field at the heart of technological innovation, encompassing the study of algorithms, data structures, and software engineering. It explores the art of programming, enabling the creation of applications, websites, and software systems that power our modern world.It concerns about basic Network troubleshooting, programming languages including C++, Java and python, internet (Web) programming languages like HTML , CSS JavaScript and PHP, Data structure and algorithms , fundamentals of database systems and some concepts of Computer architecture & organizations.

Work & Experience

Summer internship July 10 ,2022 - September 15,2022
Butajira science and information technology (SIT)

During my summer internship at the ICT Center, I had the invaluable opportunity to immerse myself in the dynamic world of Information and Communication Technology. I actively contributed to cutting-edge projects, collaborating with a diverse team of professionals and experts in the field. Through hands-on experiences, I honed my skills in software development, data analysis, and network administration. Working on real-world projects allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge gained in my studies to practical scenarios, fostering my problem-solving abilities and enhancing my critical thinking. Furthermore, the internship provided a platform for personal growth and development. I refined my communication skills while presenting my work to colleagues and contributing to team discussions. The supportive environment encouraged me to seek mentorship, enabling me to gain valuable insights from experienced professionals.



Network troubleshooting


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