Helen Gugsa

HR and Office Administrator
August 29, 2023

About Candidate



Masters of Business Administration – MBA 2022
St. Mary’s University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 2014
University of Gondar

Work & Experience

HR and Office Administrator March 2021 - Present
SGS Inspection, Certification and ICT Services PLC

Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues; change how a process, team, or task is organized to make it more efficient; oversee pending actions, files, and records; and supervise the work of junior staff. Supervising personal development, training, and support needs. Manage inventory levels, ensuring inventory changes are promptly and accurately recorded in internal supply chain systems. Maintaining absence and annual leave recording systems. Design and create data reports using charts, graphs, and tables to help executives in their decision-making. Prepare the necessary transport authorizations and monitor any disputes. Performing detailed analysis on inspection effectiveness and findings; summarized and presented findings to managers using data visualization tools. Supporting financial processes related to annual budgeting and cash flow forecasting. Store, organize, and share data on share points so that authorized persons access the information from anywhere. Execution of operational recruitment processes such as preparing and posting job ads to the portals, and screening candidates' resumes and job applications. Provide domestic and international travel arrangements and claims for staff members, external partners, and managers, including visas, airline tickets, hotel reservations, and vehicle rentals. Review and develop procurement strategy documents; analyze and develop procurement plans with cost-effective solutions; and ensure that the products and supplies meet quality standards. Create purchase orders and contract agreements, and ensure all documents are approved. Maintain and sort a list of suppliers, and keep procurement documents, records, and reports up-to-date. Provide essential details to potential clients.

Administrator and Assistant Accountant November 2019 - February 2021
Nafran Trading PLC

Ensures proper delivery of the procured materials to the warehouse, distributes stocks of office or other supplies according to unit needs, and facilitates physical counts Maintains inventory by checking shelves and reordering standard items as required Manage accounting tasks on Peachtree accounting software Assisting the organization’s HR and finance functions Providing business information using Excel functionality to gather, compile and analyze data Help to automate processes and develop quantitative business analytics Providing valued analysis and essential details to potential clients, and giving recommendations according to customer needs or preferences, which enables them to make decisions Recording sales (cash and credit consignment) and carrying out all related tasks in Peachtree accounting software, and ensuring VAT and associated returns are correct, Assisting in maintaining audits and controlling costs through accounting, tracking, and calling on bad debt accounts Implements purchase contracts that comply with company and government regulations, Create tools and analyze data that help with team efficiencies, scalability, and profitability Scheduling and planning meetings and conferences to streamline Support the supply and maintenance of communications (postal services, telephone, and internet services) Preparing communications, such as emails, invoices, reports, and other correspondence Creating and updating databases and records for financial information, personnel, and other data Organizing and maintaining financial records and tax preparation. Support the preparation and implementation of financial agreements, and related activities Purchased equipment, raw materials, parts, and supplies Creating and maintaining filing systems, both electronic and physical

Office Manager August 2016 - December 2018
Abinadab Engineering

Managed deadlines and workflow, and managed office efficiency by carrying out the planning and execution of layouts, equipment procurement, and office systems. Prepared project budgets, bid invitations, proposals, contracts, and invoices. Maintained HR systems and organized office operations and procedures Created presentations and other management-level reports Supervised and monitored the work of administrative staff Managed relationships with clients and suppliers, and submitted detailed reports that showcase revenue and expenses using visualization tools Designed database schema, create tables to store data, and perform data manipulation Participated in designing and developing relational databases for data collection to evaluate outcomes, and forecast trends and probabilities Upgraded hardware and software programs; and Performed data backup and recovery processes Dealt with correspondence, complaints, and queries Created and updated website content and implemented security protocols Maintained and monitored purchased agreements and developed a profitable purchasing strategy Handled issues in their area of expertise Delivered appropriate personnel actions and educational and training programs to ensure high-quality professional staff performance Attended meetings with senior management and resolved issues with systems and programs.

IT Officer and Administrative Assistant October 2014 - August 2016
Jonzo Import, Export and Manufacturing PLC

Provided support to warehouse staff with inventory management activities such as unpacking and shelving items and restocking merchandise. Performed all clerical functions, such as answering phone calls, filing documents, scheduling meetings, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and other office duties. Handled all senior managers’ requests and queries and provided general support Maintained information technology and computer systems and assisted the organization’s procurement projects in support of its strategy and plan. Managed the executive calendar and appointments and prioritized the most sensitive matters. Optimized website content and promotional messaging to achieve e-commerce conversion and sales goals. Conducted routine and non-routine analyses of raw materials and kept records and reports up-to-date. Prepared purchase orders, vouchers, miscellaneous procurement documents, and paperwork, including correspondence Submitted reports, and prepared proposals and presentations as needed. Cleaned and transformed massive data into useful and insightful information for specific teams. Provided technical and process user support functions and software training to staff. Reviewed vendor contracts and coordinated IT purchases (hardware, software, and services) to ensure the effective deployment of solutions aligned with user needs. Optimized execution of the supply chain balances inventory, supply orders, and schedule demand. Planned and developed competitive analyses for the brand and, as needed, various business units or products. Coordinated activities throughout the company to ensure efficiency and maintain compliance with company policies.


Written and Verbal Communication
Problem Solving and Attention to detail
Computer Literacy
Planning and Organizing
Time Management and Prioritization
Analyzing and Reporting