Kasahun Faye Baharu

am fresh graduate
December 12, 1999

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Bsc degree computer science 2022
Oda Bultum university

Kasahun Faye Computer science Address East hararge Oromia Phone +251915723988 E-mail kasahunfaye@gmail.com August 12, 2023 Ethio empact consulting(ERP Roll out implementation function intern ) Dear/sir Having recently learned of the ERP Roll out implementation function intern opportunity, I wanted to contact you to express my interest.I graduated from Oda Bultum university, earning my Bsc in Computer Science and I'm looking to apply my skills and competencies to Ethio empact consulting. I believe that my qualification closely align with the type of candidate you are seeking. The value I will bring to your organization includes a comprehensive skill set developed through my academic and employment experiences. I am well-versed in reporting maintenance issues and developing reports while offering proficiency in loading and manipulating data. In previous positions, I have contributed to positive improvements and team achievement through my problem-solving and teamwork abilities. As my enclosed resume will demonstrate , I possess the communication skills and abilities that you require in a new ERP Roll out implementation function intern . I look to discussing the possibility of joining Ethio empact consulting's team. Please feel free to contact me for additional background or to schedule an interview. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Kasahun Faye