Human Resources & Administration Head
May 25, 1990

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Management 2011 G.c
Hawassa University

Work & Experience

Business Development Coordinator May 2023
MACCFA-CEVA Logistics Plc

•Promote the MACCFA – CEVA Logistics product to a targeted list of segmented customers, •Identify potential leads with the CEVA regional and global BD teams, •Analyzing customer export and Import season to optimize sales efforts and better identify potential customers, •Create and update Customer relationship management ( CRM ) every week and prepare reports, •Manage a portfolio of customers and potential customers via personal sales visits, using face-to-face contact to provide a ‘personal service, •Act as the customer’s main point of contact, by liaising closely with the relevant departments within MACCFA-CEVA to ensure that their queries, problems or issues are dealt with appropriately, •Work as a customer contact with the user departments in key account customers, •Produce information for management necessary to evaluate performance vs. key performance indicators, •Ensure that all customer issues relating to customer service, service recovery and credit control are coordinated and managed through the relevant MACCFA - CEVA departments, •Meet regularly with the Marketing and Sales management to evaluate the personal sales plan/strategy so as to ensure that the required revenue and shipment results can be achieved, •Develop an Annual customer call cycle (Planned and Unplanned Maintenance) to secure committed orders with new and existing customers and gain any competitor-held businesses to ensure that individuals' agreed targets are achieved, •Formulate a personal sales plan that incorporates initiatives for identifying and gaining new business prospects and maximizing growth within the existing customer base, •Build a strong client relationship to ensure that the account performs and grows to its maximum potential, reducing attrition rate and minimizing opportunities for competitors to gain business, •Conversion of qualified leads into customers (First Time Buyers) and develop and penetrate existing accounts (Retention and Development), •Continually develop knowledge of MACFFA - CEVA’s products/services and general commercial awareness in order to provide the best possible solutions for the customer, •Maximize/generate additional sales revenue through superior customer service on all existing orders, •Entering new sales order information into the company database ( C-view), •Identify potential Tender via different outlets and participate,

Human Resources and Administration Head November 2019 - April 2021
MACCFA – CEVA Freight Logistics Plc

•Oversee the implementation of the fundamental HR tasks on a daily basis, •Work with the Head of Manager, Head of departments, and Operation Managers to ensure proper implementation of the HR strategic plan at all levels, •Conduct consistent communication with staff on all HR matters, •Participate in the recruitment process, posting positions in inappropriate media, CV review, interviewing, reference check, job offer, leading the orientation and travel arrangements, •Ensure and monitor compensation and benefits packages are kept updated, •Maintain good working relationships with other organizations/partners and provide feedback to management on HR matters, •Advise and conduct employees on the exit management process for exiting employees and maintain its copies on the file, •Assist the management in defining future personnel needs (employment planning), •Review new employees' contract agreements and ensure the new employees’ data is up to date on a workday before the contract is approved, •Conduct reference checks as a means of obtaining information on the strength and weaknesses of selected candidates to strengthen the decision of the panel, •Facilitate the preparation of offer letters or employment contracts, organize adequate inductions for new employees, and prepare weekly recruitment status reports •Ensure preparation of payroll every month and submit payroll information timely for review, •Keep track of country legislation concerning compensation and benefits issues and identify the need for adjustments, •Making sure that the working environment so conducive and well-maintained, •Mange and coordinate overall office activities and provide administrative support to the leadership, •Coordinating all administrative processes, •Managing budgets, policies, and events, •Follow up on the different contracts and projects,

Human Resources and Administration Head - Contractual September 2018 - December 2018
Swedish Community School,

•Ensure that the organization runs smoothly and also manage facilities and staff, •Manage budgets, handle logistics, and act as a point of reference for everyone in the school, •Maintain a thorough knowledge of Swedish Community School Ethiopia HR Policies and Procedures in every aspect of the field office along with ensuring all HR activities are carried out in adherence to these standards, •Participate in the recruitment process, posting positions in appropriate media, CV review, interviewing, reference check, job offer, leading the orientation and travel arrangements, •Ensure that the recruitment process is fair and transparent, •Arranged travel, meeting appointments, and personal accommodations for the organization's Senior staff, •Provide guidance and support on HR policy whenever required; •Manage different contract agreements, •Approval of the purchased items; •Act as focal point liaison between the school in administration and HR activities, •Coordinating all administrative processes, •Working closely with Swedish Embassy on Foreign employee's work permits and Visa renewal process, •Booking local and international flights for the company employee; •Attained different meetings on behalf of the Swedish school, •Organized different school events, •Follow up on the company utility service, •To work in cloth with the Sweden Embassy, Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Education on visa matters; •Resolving conflicts or other issues as they occur, •Manage staff personal files and kept them updated

TNT Construction & Trading

•Review back payments, and payroll adjustments for open and definite period employees. •Prepare severance payment for open and definite period employees •Ensure updated tracking for back payments and communicate them timely. •Ensure that all personnel documents of the field office staff are updated and maintained in the personnel files including ex-staff files, •Responsible for overseeing and managing employees’ benefits such as health insurance as an important element in attracting and retaining skilled workers. •Following up on employees’ contract extensions, •Assist in writing personnel letters as required (transfer, Promotion, increment, acceptance of resignation among other letters). •Provide technical support and job training for Project Admin Heads Officers, •Ensure the proper documentation of staff information related to disciplinary actions, performance rating, staff exiting and termination, •Ensure all staff have a valid ID card and pension card, •Ensure the proper management and documentation of staff annual leave By using the online leave management system, •Ensure keeping and recording in hard and soft copies of approved leave requests,


Insert data on the system timely, •Stored completed documents in appropriate locations, •Compiled, sorted, and verified the accuracy of data, •Administered Seafarer’s data accurately and free from error, •Assist and Scheduled embassy appointments, •Act as the main point of contact, by liaising closely with the Seafarer’s next of kin to ensure that their queries, problems, or issues are dealt with appropriately, •Complete required paperwork within anticipated timeframes, •Compiled with the Ethiopian Maritime Afire data integrity and security policies, •Keeping Seafarer’s personal data Up-to-date and confidential, •Conduct exams and organize interviews for new seafarers, •Submit an online request for different seaman books such as the Liberian Sea Man book, Ethiopia Seaman book, and Austral Sea Man Book, •To organize annual training schedule and communicate with academic Captains and with colleagues in Hamburg, Germany • preparing Monthly reports and submitting them to the Head office – in Hamburg, German,

ADMINISTRATOR OFFER November 2011 - November 2014

• Oversee payroll preparation, financial recordkeeping, and accounts receivable, •Scheduled office equipment service and repairs with vendors, •Follow up on office daily operations, •Assist and Supervise different purchases of Office furniture & Office Equipment, •Follow up on daily attendance, •Ensure proper filing of employee files, •Manage Construction materials perchance as per PO, •Processing and transferring HR-related data ( Writing different Personnel Letters ), •To conduct annual inventory and physical, •Communicating with the Reporters on the vacant position;


-Know-how on the labor law -Good communication and interpersonal skills -Good employer-employee contract negotiation skills -Personal conflict resolution and problemsolving skills -Strong organizational skills -Good computer application skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, database, and network communications