Senior Process Design Engineer
May 5, 1991

About Candidate



Mechanical Engineering (manufacturing Stream) 2011-2016
Ambo University

Additionally, I am currently completing my Master's degree (MSc) from Addis Ababa science technology this year by Mechanical Engineering (manufacturing Stream).

Work & Experience

Senior Process Design Engineer February 22/2017 - up to now
Ethio-Engineering group/power Equipment Manufacturing Industry

As a Senior Process Design Engineer, I have successfully designed and implemented complex process systems that have resulted in increased efficiency and productivity. With extensive experience in process design, I have a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams, managing projects, and delivering results that align with business objectives. My expertise in problem-solving, process optimization, and risk management has allowed me to consistently exceed project expectations and drive success



strong technical knowledge and expertise in mechanical engineering principles, as well as excellent leadership and management abilities to oversee operations, coordinate with teams, and make strategic decisions to optimize production efficiency and quality.